Digital Literacies

Today I participated in the webinar “Digital Literacy”

I must say it is indispensible for teachers to learn about modern technologies and this webinar provides us with the possibility. There were 4 main highlights in the webinar: multimedia literacy, information literacy, intercultural literacy and, last but not least, remix literacy. We live in a multimedia world where the Internet is developing around the idea of multimedia-rich content. The authors of the webinar have familiarized us with the latest developments in the field by exemplifying some theoretical points in the following links :

1) voice in a thread (or in a cloud)

2) 3D avatar who speaks

3) interactive poster! It implies collaborative work with fellow-friends

4) you can make your own movie in English

5) and   multimedia timelines

6) story-telling is so easy now

Students should be taught how to evaluate search engines results effectively, too. Mark Pegrum explains how.

Nicky Hockly has been searching examples of collaborative projects worldwide. She is generously sharing the results in the presentation:

As a very bright and captivating  example of a cross-cultural interference Nicky suggests watching this youtube video

As for me I liked this quote from the webinar: “Remix literacy is the very essence of the digits. This is how our kids speak, think … it is what your kids are”.

And again, this is a typical example of remix literacy. A powerful mixture of sound, music, words on the layer of the film:

Frankly speaking I am not impressed by the example from Harry Potter. I guess we must find a better usage of re-mix literacy to produce something out of common, out of the blue )

I would like to share this presentation with you, dear friends: