Communication: The human side

I participated in the webinar “Communication: The human side” by Vicki Hollett on Monday, 23 April 2012, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (GMT +01:00). I must say the author achieved the target and showed to the audience that communicative intelligence is indispensible in the modern society.

It looks strange but people prefer to interact with “lovable fools” more than with “competent jerks”.
What is more, it is not enough to provide students with a list of useful expressions, grammatical structures. The updated concept of teaching implies that we teach pragmatic aspects of the linguistics competence as well. Vicki Hollett exemplified her thesis with extracts of the students’ book “Lifestyle”.
Vicki has demonstrated how we can upgrade our teaching of functions to provide our students with the language they really need to be effective in today’s world of work.

I would like to share the presentation…

Vicki Hollett is an award winning author of many professional English coursebooks, including Business Objectives, Business Opportunities, Tech Talk, Quick Work, In at the Deep End, Meeting Objectives video course and Lifestyle. She has been a LCCI Diploma teacher trainer and run many workshops in Europe, Asia, and South America. She’s British by birth, but now lives in the US where she teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and she is learning to speak ‘merican.