Business English: functional language

Ділова англійська мова і успішне спілкування йдуть разом. Мистецтво спілкування поступово відкривається в добірці відео-фрагментів, що мають за мету навчити Вас секретам вдалих комунікативних транзакцій в розмові: представитись колезі, підтримати розмову і гарної її завершити … все це є в добірці “Business English: functional language”.

Business English and successful networking go together! The art of leading a conversation, especially in business, is reported to be crucial for successful business contacts. This selection of video fragments teaches us how to deal with real situations and provide us with indispensable vocabulary and phrases. They are grouped according to these categories: introductions, socializing, making appointments and saying good-bye. So further episodes are called “Conversation and Introduction Techniques: making small talks, appointments”

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Art of Socializing in Action

Lesson 1: What is Facebook Really Worth? Lesson 2: The Secret Formula for Coca-Cola
Lesson 3: Steve Jobs: Rules for Success Lesson 4: Successful Networking
Lesson 5: Ice Breaking Lesson 6: Introductions: Meet the Boss
Lesson 7: How to Introduce Yourself Lesson 8: Office Talk: Break for Lunch?
Lesson 8: Socializing: Eating Out Lesson 10: Using Phrases in Social Conversations
Lesson 11: Conducting a Business Meeting Lesson 12: Making Appointments
Lesson 13: Meetings: Greetings & Introductions Lesson 14: Greetings and Goodbyes