Vacation and psychology

We are glad to present a video selection of English lessons titled “Vacation and Psychology”! In this video selection, you will find out a lot of interesting facts about summer, holidays, travelling destinations and a bit of applied psychology, which is more valuable than a theoretical one! You are welcome!


  • How to travel cheaply

You might have been wondering how to travel when you are short on cash …

Don’t bother too much, because all you need is patience to sniff out the best deals, willingness to rough it  and the ability to be flexible. These are the steps to take:

1) use the travel consolidators. They snatch up empty airline seats, unsold cruise cabins, and resell them at a great discount. Sign up to receive information on last-minute deals. Call hotels directly to see if you can negotiate a cheaper rate

2) Consider youth hostels, especially in the more expensive cities around the world. If you live in a popular travel destination, consider swapping homes with someone.

3) Rely on street food vendors for most of your meals.

4) Check out student rates on bus and rail passes.

5) Be flexible. Monday and Thursday departures are generally cheaper than weekend fares.

6) Vacation in the off-season, when prices are cheaper and you don’t have to fight the crowds.

new vocabulary to learn:

to rough it – миритися з нестачею, обходитися без зручностей

sniff out – рознюхувати, винюхувати

travel consolidator –  консолидатор, объединитель (в самом общем смысле: тот, кто объединяет, консолидирует что-л.)

snatch up – підхопити, вихопити


  • Whistler-Blackcomb  Ski Resort

We’ll be taking a look at Whistler Blackcomb. The Whistler Blackcomb Resort is situated in the city of Whistler, British Columbia. The average annual snowfall is 33 feet or 10 meters,  which contributes greatly to this resort’s popularity. Snow conditions are reliable and ski season is long. The ski lifts at the Whistler Blackcomb Resort have a capacity to carry over 65,000 skiers per hour. Various events at the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games were held at this resort… it is still a popular destination for ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

new vocabulary to learn:

contribute – сприяти

ski lift- підйомник для лижників

popular destination – популярне місце відпочинку

annual snowfall — річна кількість снігу

  • India’s Summer and Winter Activities 

India is a popular destination with tourists! India boasts of an extensive coastline of almost 5,000 miles that reaches over the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bangle. The majority of India’s beaches are found on the country’s west coast and these are some of the most diverse beaches in the world. A day at the beach can be a relaxing time or can be fun and playful. Take a soothing swim and bask in the sunshine on warm white sands. Majestic palm trees align the shores near some popular spots making for a picture perfect destination. You can explore the lagoons of the Corella backwater on a relaxing boat ride which is a popular tourist activity in the area, or grab a kayak and race down one of the country’s many rivers under the shade of the trees.
For an action packed voyage, take to the wild rivers for white water rafting. These untamed waters are the perfect location for adventure. The majority of the country’s white water rafting takes place in the Northern Himalayas rivers. Even the underwater world of India is one worth exploring. So scuba diving is another popular activity to try. India is one country where visitors can both play a round of golf and ski down snow-covered mountains. Most of the country’s skiing takes places on the slopes of Himalayas. India is quickly becoming a popular destination for winter sports!

new vocabulary to learn:

soothe – заспокоювати, втішати

backwater – 1)  загачена вода 2) тиха заводь

white water rafting – рафтинг (сплав по річці, активний, екстремальний вид спорту)

scuba diving — дайвинг, підводне плавання з аквалангом

slope – схил гори

  • Britain’s Most Sacred Sites

From St. Michael’s Mount to the standing stones of Orkney, Britain is chock-a-block with sacred sites. Stonehenge was built as people started to realize that growing food might be easier than chasing it. They began to create vast stone structures to celebrate this new bond between humans and earth. Stonehenge is extra special, partly because it celebrates the sun as well.
It would have taken 200 people to raise each stone in the spectacular circle, but it was worth it. At midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, the sun pours to the stone into the centre of the monument. Heaven brought to earth.
Glastonbury Abbey is also built along the axis of the sun not because Christians were sun worshipping but because they too wanted to represent the sacred link between heaven and earth.
To the medieval pilgrim, the ground of Glastonbury was the holiest of all. People came to the site in their thousands, perhaps because some believed they were walking in the footsteps of Jesus himself. Jesus’ uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, was said to have founded the abbey. And according to some versions of the legend, he brought the young Jesus with him, who stayed in the next door village of Priddy, where he could have earned his keep as a surface miner.
These days, New Age pilgrims have joined the Christians at Glastonbury and all sorts of people flock to Stonehenge. Perhaps they are partly drawn by the ley lines, channels of earth energy that some believe connect our sacred sites.
The influence of Stonehenge and Glastonbury crops up all over Britain. Milton Keynes was designed so that at midsummer sunrise, the sun pours directly along the central boulevard where its rays reflect off the railway station. Perhaps we should start thinking of Milton Keynes as not just a new town but a centre for the New Age, or maybe not.

new vocabulary to learn:

chock-a-block – переповнений, забитий (чимось)

pour – лити(ся); вливати(ся)

axis – (axes) вісь

sun worshipping – поклоніння сонцю

medieval pilgrim – середньовічний прочанин

  • Travel to San Francisco and Tahiti

San Francisco. It’s a city where something is always happening. The first time I went to San Francisco, it was the weekend where it was the Chinese New Year and also, they were having a peace protest at the bay areas, Fisherman’s Wharf. There were angry protesters, then we saw all these celebrities, and then that night was the Chinese New Year, and the streets were filled with dragons.

Tahiti. It was just an incredible, cultural mix. They have like the native Polynesian, the French, and the food was great, but what I loved the most was the scenery. This most incredible scenery I remember, sitting in a lagoon, and I thought at that moment that this was heaven on Earth.

new vocabulary to learn:

lagoon -лагуна

  • A Woman Kisses Sharks in the Wild

Christina has done over 5,000 dives with her sharks and that’s the key to getting close. It’s all about experience and understanding, but her relationship is unique. She is so close to her sharks, it’s almost maternal. I get emotionally attached to them because sometimes, I look down on them like they are big kids: just like all going for the same thing. They change their behaviour according to how I behave. So if I relax, they tend to relax. If I get really nervous and edgy, they get as well. If I really would have to summarize what I feel when I finally have the sharks sleeping on my lap, I would say, it’s peace, peaceful. I kiss a shark because to me, it’s the final act of gentleness. And actually to tell you the truth, it was the only way, the first time for me to feel their skin, because I was so covered in chain mail and everything. So I thought with the lips, just take the regulator out and just give them a kiss, you can feel their skin better. But it’s definitely to show people that as a final act of gentleness, they’re laying on my lap and accept a kiss which is in human beings, a sign of affection.

new vocabulary to learn:

maternal -материнський

look down on = regard (someone) with a feeling of superiority

chain mail – кольчуга

edgy – нервовий, дратівливий

  • Gay & Katie Hendricks: Toxic Attraction

If you find yourself loving someone who is no good for you, do a little self-examination. If you find that your relationship is toxic, accept it for what it is: people in toxic relationships are looking for a partner in crime, someone to join them in their path to destruction. Maybe, for example, you find someone who has some of the same self-esteem issues as you do? or emotional challenges as you. Together you each have someone to share your misery with, a mate to complain to and complain about. These are relationships based on a toxic attraction and they should not be confused with love relationships of any kind. Love is a very different process and has nothing to do with finding a partner to share your unhealthy patterns. Real love is able to transcend those patterns.

new vocabulary to learn:

toxic relationship – шкідливі стосунки

unhealthy pattern – нездорова модель (поведінки)

transcend – 1) переходити (переступати) межі 2) перевершувати, перевищувати

misery – лихо; нещастя

self-esteem – самоповага, почуття власної гідності

  • Emotional Intelligence

emotinal intelligence visuallyIQ (intelligence quotient) is not as important as EI (emotional intelligence)! Do you know that to obtain average score in intelligence test doesn’t mean that you are on the management board of a company? Higher IQ result gives you a job, but emotional intelligence gives you promotion! There is no direct correlation between intelligence and emotional deepness, ability to empathize, which are core values in human beings. Getting higher grades with the help of IQ is not enough to be successful at workplace, what makes the difference is your personal abilities, how you manage yourself to stay motivated, focused; whether you are adaptable, self-aware… being a team leader, a person with interpersonal skills add to your ability of showing exceptional level of emotional intelligence. A very good piece of news is that you can improve your emotional intelligence following the advice of Daniel Goleman… watch and enjoy the video presentation owing to your practical skills in English!

components of emotional intelligence

new vocabulary to learn:

intelligence quotient I.Q. – коефіціент розумового розвитку

Emotional intelligence (емоційний інтелект) is used to refer to people’s interpersonal and communication skills.

Someone who is self-aware knows and judges their own character well.