1st IATEFL BESIG Online Conference

7am- 3pm GMT, 15th June 2013

You do not need to register or sign up in advance to take part in the 1st IATEFL BESIG Online Conference.

We will be using the Adobe Connect virtual conferencing platform to host the conference and there are some technical requirements which you need to fulfil in order to be able to use this programme as a participants. If you are unsure as to whether your computer meets these technical requirements,we recommend that you take a look at this webpage from the Adobe Connect support site and look at the first section of the technical requirements table which has information for participants and attendees.

In order to take part in a session, you need to do the following:

1) Click on the link for the session which you will find below

2) Ensure «Enter as Guest» is selected

3) Enter your name and the country where you are on the day of the conference in the box provided

4) Click on «Enter room»

That?s it!

If you have any questions or queries about the technical requirements for using Adobe Connect and/or how to join the conference, feel free to contact: [email protected]

Links for accessing Online Conference sessions.

See the programme on the main Online Conference webpage for further information about the sessions and presenters:


7.00 (GMT)- 8.00 (GMT)  — Opening Plenary

 Evan Frendo «Investigating discourse practices within a company»


8.00 (GMT)- 8.45 (GMT)  — Four simultaneous workshop sessions

Roy Bicknell «GUERILLA! GUERILLA! GUERILLA! — A subversive approach to classroom materials«

Claire Hart «From needs analysis to communication situation analysis: An ESP teacher?s toolkit»

Faisal Shamali «Ice Breakers, Warm Ups for All Ages»

Ros Wright «English for Dolphin Trainers: Developing Your Own ESP Materials»


9.00 (GMT)- 9.45 (GMT) — Four simultaneous workshop sessions


Jeremy Day «Self-publishing: a quiet revolution in ESP»

Kristen Acquaviva «Off the agenda:working spontaneously with Business English materials»

Angela Lloyd «Helping learners to get their message across»


10.00 (GMT)- 10.30 (GMT) — Four simultaneous «how to» sessions

10.00 (GMT)- 10.15 (GMT)

Nick Robinson & Byron Russell «How to join a group of materials writers»

10.00 (GMT)- 10.30 (GMT)

Christine Sick «How to create your own online materials with the e&m Learning Publisher»

John Hughes «How to avoid the top ten basic mistakes when writing Business English materials for publication»

Marjorie Rosenberg «How to write worksheets»


11.00 (GMT)- 12.00 (GMT) — Plenary with Vicki Hollett

Vicki Hollett «Perils and delights of video in the business English classroom»


12.00 (GMT)- 12.45 (GMT) — Four simultaneous workshop sessions

Nick Michelioudakis «Moivation Maximisers=Commercials in Class»

Ed Pegg «It might seem simple but still worth practicing»

Valentina Dodge «Pause and play»

James Schofield «Using stories in Business English course material»


13.00 (GMT)- 13.30 (GMT) — Four simultaneous «how to» sessions

Carol Heiberger «Using ExecuSpeak Dictionary to Accelerate Learning: Interactive Demonstration and Access to the Mobile Application»

Rebecca Evans «Thirty minutes, three apps, one lesson: Making the most of mobile learning»

Csilla Jaray-Benn «The Question is Your Answer. How to give the power of asking questions to learners»

Mike Hogan «Get real! How to shift the balance in your training»


14.00 (GMT)- 14.45 (GMT) — Four simultaneous workshop sessions

Silvia Enriquez «Simpler and Better Teaching and Learning with the Internet»

Dana Poklepovic «A Framework for Materials Writing»

Sarina Molina «Offering English Language Training for Youth Professional Development in Business English in Nairobi through Mobile Technology»

Mercedes Viola «SHARING EXPERIENCES — Material Design and the Use of Technology»