Welcome to «English for Everyone»!

«English for Everyone» is a language center. Our aim is to provide high-quality service of teaching English.

Our three main principles in education:

  1. Eurostandard. Teaching English is based exclusively in compliance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR. It has nothing to do with English lessons at school or university, first of all, you are taught to speak English fluently for real life in the English-speaking environment.
  2. Guarantee. We guarantee that every student can successfully complete a course due to quality assurance checks.
  3. Certification. In case of the successful completion of a course, you are presented with a certificate which attests to this fact.

We help you master the English language in a comparatively short span of time with the help of modern text-books and individually-tailored educational programmes.

On the web-pages you can also find useful advice and recommendations, original articles from leading specialists.

We invite you to co-working and studying!

Our way leads to success!