Accounting and finance

quality_guaranteeWe offer a special course for financiers which is worked out for those who work with financial documentation and accounting. They need English for business communication.

Having completed this course you will master financial terminology, improve your English speaking skills. You will learn how to lead successful business talks and correspondence.

The course “English for Accounting and finance” consists of these units:

Accounting and finance in a changing world

1    Developing global professionals

2    Establishing the profession worldwide

3    International Financial Reporting Standards

Reporting On performance

4   Annual financial statements

5   Company performance

6   Accounting for banks

Finance and investment

7   Overseas investment

8   Start-up capital

9   Options trading

Corporate environmental, social and governance issues

10  Green accounting

11  Responsible investing

12  Corporate governances

Risk management and failure

13  Investment credit rating

14 Company insolvency

15  Banking-a risky business


16  Scary audit jargon

17  Auditor liability

18 A clean report