Express course for pre-intermediate students!

Express course pre-intermediate is created for those who want to improve their English, brush up their knowledge. Teaching English is carried out with the student’s book Speak out  and additional materials.

Attention! This packet solution is available in the formate of skype lessons and class lessons. Depending on work load you can choose a suitable variant of studies in a week.

This course essentially improves your speaking skills on the pre-intermediate level. It comprises 10 class-room studies, each has 2 academic hours.

If you have chosen a distant course, then one study corresponds 2 skype lessons (60 minutes each). Invite your friend and enjoy a 20% discount!


Spoken topic

Functional language

Study 1 Questions Free time Making conversation
Study 2 Pr. Simple vs. Pr. Continuous Work Expressing likes/dislikes
Study 3 Present Perfect Education Giving advice
Study 4 Past Simple and Past Continuous Tourism Asking for directions
Study 5 Modals: might, may Health Seeing the doctor
Study 6 Quantifiers Shopping Buying things
Study 7 Comparison Outdoor activities Making guesses
Study 8 Present/Past passive Problems Complaining
Study 9 1st conditional Communication Giving opinions
Study 10 2nd conditional Entertainment Requests and offers
+ 1 (additional) To be going to Time out Telephoning
+ 2 (additional) Used to Facilities Finding out information