Intensive course

When time is not enough…

intensive course

when time is little

Nowadays in information technology epoch there are opportunities to learn a foreign language fast and effectively. As a rule, an intensive course escalates load and a number of lesson hours so that students can cover a typical course of five months’ period 1,5 faster.

The advantages of intensive course are money and time savings. This course suits best those who:

  • did an English language at school and in the course of time forgot it;
  • are put on a strict deadline to cover a course effectively to the maximum extent;
  • are found themselves in an English-speaking environment and can apply the received knowledge at a lesson practically. At the same time they lack a fundamental knowledge of the English language;
  • learn the language by fits and starts due to the lack of basic knowledge.

Intensive course of the English language is also suitable for those who had been learning the language and need to refresh or brush up their knowledge, namely, lexical and grammatical skills, fluency, the active vocabulary word-stock.

Effectually, in the end of this course, you will be able to speak English fluently in different real situations.

Preserving all the main principles and methods of teaching the intensive course allows covering the basic program 1,5 faster.

We offer the following intensive courses:

  1. Elementary А1
  2. Pre-Intermediate А2
  3. Intermediate В1
  4. Upper-intermediate В2