What are the advantages of Skype-lessons?

Teaching of specialists of the center “English language for everyone” by skype is a progressive and convenient method of learning English. The first and main reason is a convenience and availability. What’s more, this type of teaching has a number of advantages in comparison with standard lessons in a class, namely:

  • Skype-lessons do not require an attendance of language courses, you can be taught English where there is an Internet connection, for instance, at your room or at a hotel number. If you are busy and do not have free time for attendance of language courses, then skype-lessons are what you need.
  • Skype-lessons allow to choose time and intensity of lessons. For instance, you can have lessons at 9 in the morning or at 8 o’clock in the evening depending on your convenience. You can meet a teacher as often as you wish. The question of frequency and time can be agreed on in the beginning of studying.
  • Skype lessons are optimal way of learning the English language for those who live in small towns and cannot find an experienced teacher.

How do skype lessons go on?

It is quite easy. Skype lessons are similar to real ones. The studying takes place by books of publishing houses Oxford, Longman-Pearson  and other world leaders’ manufactures of text-books. You have a choice either to use electronic books or buy paper text-books. What’s more, our teachers have a lot of additional materials which can be used during classes. At an appointed time our teacher gets connected with you by skype. The computer allows using a dictionary, listening activities or watching media files, doing home assignment etc. During the lesson the teacher uses Skype and IDroo technology.

What do you have to have for a skype-lesson?

  • Students must have access to technical means such as: a computer, Internet, web-camera and headphones with a microphone.
  • Internet communication is provided with the help of voice IP telephony and, if possible, video-conferencing (a video-camera is needed then).
  • Individual lessons, the Internet gives unlimited opportunities for socializing with native speakers by skype, ICQ, forums, chats, blogs and special educational projects. The teacher can individually choose additional resources for effective practice.
  • Interactive white board IDroo is available free of charge on the website IDroo.com

How to pay for lessons in the language center”English for everyone”?

You can pay by cash, by electronic money or by bank transfer.

E-lessons technology, what is that?

E-lessons technology is a modern and innovative technology of projecting a page of the text-book of a teacher on a student’s desktop. The picture of a textbook can be used reciprocally, what is done on one side is visible on the other side simultaneously. the number of participants can be limited only by the technical capacity of a workplace and the speed of broadband connection.  E-lessons technology first was invented and used in the language center “English for everyone”.

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