Polish language

Polish language

Nowadays, the polish language is becoming more and more popular among Ukrainians. The necessity to learn the language is conditioned by a desire to be taught at Polish universities or officially work in Poland. The knowledge of the Polish language is the mail condition of acquisition of Karta Polaka.

You can do a polish course remotely with a native speaker.

You have have chosen education in Poland, the necessary condition is a B2 level of linguistic competence

Skype-course of the Polish language is a modern way of learning distantly via Skype and Internet-connection.

Having completed the full course with the native speaker, you will be able to overcome a language barrier, enlarge your word-stock, develop your auditory skills and master all the nuances of the grammar.

You can directly contact Mr Wojciech by this or viber

An experienced teacher of the Polish language Mr Wojciech, a citizen of Poland, has experience of teaching Polish to the Ukrainians, preparation for entrance to universities, consulting service concerning Karta Polaka, Karta Pobytu .